WIL POWER Good Practice Toolkit

Welcome to the WIL POWER Good Practice Toolkit for the promotion of Female Leadership in Transport and Logistics. Our toolkit is aimed at the Transport & Logistics companies that play a pivotal role in ensuring change is enacted within the sector. From SMEs to large corporations’ internal prejudices and preconceived notions must be dealt with in order to foster better relationships and equality.

Our Wil Power Toolkit will promote good practices in hiring, training, working environment, etc within Transport and Logistics companies.

We hope that you will find inspiration within the toolkit, we have included some links within this toolkit so you can reach out to the companies directly if you would like to begin your career within logistics or if you want to find out more information.

The NEED for this toolkit

The need for this Toolkit stems from the reluctance within these organizations to make the vital shift in attitudes and practices. Traditionally, this has not been an issue; in today’s world, standards are shifting and women are demanding equality. Through best practice examples of progressive logistics organisations managed and led by strong female employees, as well as showcasing the top traits within leadership which are gender-neutral this Toolkit will help encourage progressive approaches to hiring and promotions within the sector. Our Toolkit will allow the users to become immersed in the success of similar logistics organisations, therefore cementing their understanding that equality and female leadership can have an overwhelmingly positive effect on their organisation.


Women’s Stories

Business Practices

Women in Logistics Organisations

Equality Approaches in Logistics

Networks, Education & Policy Engagement