Women In Transport and Logistics is a Erasmus+ project which aims to develop training materials which will empower women within the Transport and Logistics sector

The EU Logistics sector, including transport and supply chain industries, is one of the largest and most developed in the world: fast growing and constantly adapting to new technologies and global business practices. In recent years, the spotlight has been shone on gender diversity across all sectors of our economy, especially the relative lack of women in senior positions in the scientific and technical sectors. Yet in this aspect, the logistics industry is consistently falling behind. The sector is believed to only have 10% of women working at board level, and female participation across the industry currently runs at less than 25%.

For these reasons, the objective of Wil Power is clear: to develop innovative vocational education and training that will assist women working in transport and logistics to progress to leadership roles within their companies and organizations.

We will achieve this through the development and delivery of the following:

  • Training Course for Women in Transport and Logistics – this course will target women already working in the sector.
  • Professional Women in Logistics Network- Will use the principles of women-in-business networks and mentoring programmes, which have been proven to be highly effective, to boost skills and confidence of potential female leaders.
  • Good Practice Toolkit for promoting Female Leadership in Transport and Logistics- Aimed at Transport and Logistics companies directly, this resource presents practical opportunities for companies to encourage equal opportunities and diversity in the workplace.
  •  WIL POWER hopes to create an enthusiastic response from women within the sector as well as leading organisations in transport and logistics leading to big changes across the entire sector

Meet our project partners:

The Polish Federation of Engineering Associations, “NOT” (Federacja Stowarzyszeń Naukowo- Technicznych in Polish) is a highly respected non-governmental organisation.

Established in 1835, it represents over 110,000 individual members across from 39 technical, scientific and engineering organisations throughout Poland, with strong representation within transport and logistical operations NOT represents a regional hub which will accurately represent our intended target group.

European Logistics Association (ELA), Belgium is a federation of 30 national logistics associations representing the Logistics and Supply Chain Management profession. Founded in 1984 and registered in Brussels ELA is a not- for-profit organisation. ELA aims to provide an international forum for networking, the promotion and development of the logistics and supply chain profession. Through this network ELA reaches 55,000 logistics professionals and also provides interaction with the European Institutions though comments and public statements on key economic issues where logistics, its infrastructure and processes are involved.

Education Mobility Grid is a fast-growing for-profit organisation based in Berlin, Germany, with additional offices in Sneek, Netherlands. An international educational consultancy dedicated to providing cutting-edge, educational solutions tailored to the needs of individuals and institutional clients. Our mission is to empower individuals and organizations to make positive change through education and we do so by developing high quality education materials and making them more accessible to all.

Pomeranian Akademia, Poland, The Pomeranian Academy in Slupsk, established in 1969, is a public Higher Education Institution. Since its formation it has consistently fulfilled its mission of dynamic development, attracting scientists in diversified areas of expertise.

Momentum Consulting, based in rural Ireland Momentum is one of Ireland’s leading entrepreneurship specialists, recognised for innovative approaches to nurture and promote entrepreneurship as a transversal skill. As award winning educators, we develop resources that help education providers to develop access to entrepreneurship platforms for both education and enterprise organisations. We are motivated to extend and develop educators’ competencies with a special focus on developing support education programmes that have a transformative impact on socio economically challenged groups and achieve immediate improvements.

Canice Consulting, a small consultancy based just outside of Belfast Northern Ireland. It is a small, outward looking company that specialises in vocational training and innovation support for regional development initiatives, especially in relationship to enterprise education